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Episode 7 Social Media and teens

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Should we worry about the effects of social media on our teens? Surveys given to young people, ages 14-24 found that Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all led to increased feelings of depression, anxiety, poor body image and loneliness. That seems like reason enough to think about our teens and how much they are on screens.

On Podcast Takeover, released last week, Sandi and Kristal with 3 of their young adult sons talk about their own experiences and views on social media. They offer some advice to parents around boundaries and setting limits, coming from their point of view.

Our teens need us present and aware of what the are exposed to while they’re online and on their phones, texting, sharing, trolling, scrolling.

Let us know what you are struggling with or what is working for you and your kids in regards to social media and screen time.

The village is listening.


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