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Fathers Day

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

How do you celebrate the fathers in your life? if you are lucky enough, you could have 4 generations of fathers. A great grandfather, grandfather, father, and a son who is now a father. Fathers have many different titles, they may be;

father, dad, daddy, pop, papa, and more, there are many names, but the same job description.

”Fathering” means to treat with protective care. It means being involved, behaving responsibly, being emotionally engaged, physically available, providing financial support, and having influence in child raising decisions.

Our family dynamics have evolved, we are seeing the true value of having two parents in the household. When we say it takes a Village, this is no joke. Parenting is tough, when you are lucky enough to share your journey with a partner, it does lighten the load. You still need your village, but your day to day load is lighter. We would like to honor the dad’s who stand up, show up and speak up for their families. It looks different for everyone, but mere presence and effort most of the time makes all the difference in a child’s life.

In honor of Father’s Day, our recent Growing Pains Podcast guest Shay, shared her key lime pie recipe with our village. Be sure to look for upcoming episode on Growing Pains Podcast, Room at the Table with Shay in the next couple weeks.

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