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Episode 17 Part 1 & 2

Tradition is something we are both passionate about. I guess that’s why we had so much to say and we needed to had to split it in two parts.

Kristal has a tradition, every Friday night is cookie night in their house. She does this for one, cookies are good straight out of the oven. After a long week it’s a great way to wrap up the hard work and wind down. But two because she has created a connection for her kids. The smell of cookies and their mom. Sense of smell sticks with us. We associate things or people with smells. She hopes that long after she is gone, when her kids smell freshly made cookies, they are reminded of her and how much she loved them.

Tradition! Tradition! It’s how we keep our balance. (From Fiddler on the Roof) What a wonderful old classic musical. I highly recommend you watch it if you never have.


Sandi talks about how her Greek heritage plays a large role in her family traditions. And yes, mostly involving food! Lots of food!!!

This is my family having fun with the traditional Egg cracking we do at every Easter gathering.

We shared with our listeners all the traditions we keep through the year. If you want to start some traditions or add to your list, we may have something that would work for your family as well.

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