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Episode 13 Bee Essential

Bees and Parents, how are they alike? They are BOTH ESSENTIAL.

In conversation, the topic of the ocean, coral reefs and then bees came up. We often times begin on one topic and end up in a whole other area. If you have listened to us at all you may have noticed this. 🤷‍♀️

Bees and honey, are a hot topic right now, so we did some research and have learned A lot about how Essential Bees really are.

As we dug deeper we noticed so may correlations between bees and parenting and we wanted to share this with our Village. Listen in on how we unpack this in Episode 13 of Growing Pains.

We have a community member who dresses up for each season and walks a main street in our neighborhood picking up trash and spreading cheer to drivers by. I love to see him and honk and wave every time I do. Just so happened that the day after our Bee Essential Episode aired, I saw him dressed as a Bee. I pulled over and asked to take his picture he agreed and said “Bee Happy” I replied and “Bee Essential “ which he is! Notice the joy in his face. That comes from spreading your joy and love to those around you!

We all can do Something ~ Go ahead & Bee the Essential person you are meant to be! It doesn’t have to be big, all things matter!

Thanks Mr. Bee

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