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Dry Your Own Herbs

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

You can easily dry your own herbs in the microwave for a fraction of the cost of store bought. Why buy dried herbs that have been sitting on the shelf for who knows how long?

So many times I bought fresh herbs for a recipe and only used a small amount. Even with good intentions of using the rest, more often than not it went to waste.

Now with this new tip I learned from my friend Shay, I can preserve the fresh beauties by freshly drying.

Follow this fast and easy method and you’ll have the most colorful, fragrant and flavorful herbs for very little cost. If you grow your own herbs, you can also control the chemicals. Go organic and Non GMO.

  1. Wash and dry herbs on paper towel

  2. Pull leaves off of stem - by pinching the stem and pulling the leaves backwards down the stem, they will slide right off

  3. Place leaves in between paper towels in a single layer

  4. Microwave on high for 30 second intervals checking in between

  5. Herbs will be crisp and easily crunched when done

  6. funnel into your spice jar

It depends on the thickness of the leaf and how dry they are on how long it will take. Do not overcook.

You are going to love this! I used to spend a lot of money on expensive herbs from Penzey’s or the Farmers Market. Now thanks to Shay I Dry My Own.

Be sure to hear more tips from Shay on Episode Nine of the Growingpains Podcast.

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