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Episode 11 5 Tips for a Successful Boil

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Backyard Crawfish Boil's are fun and a perfect way to kick off your outdoor party season.

In Episode 11 of Growing Pains Podcast, we share our 5 favorite tips for a successful crawfish boil.

  1. Food - Louisiana Crawfish, is the star of the show, but we like to add andouille sausage, jumbo shrimp, potatoes and corn on the cobb as well. Have your friends bring salads, desserts and anything else they want to add. We found this video helpful for our first boil. Southern Boyz Outdoor - How to Cook Crawfish

  2. Outdoor Cook Station - You will need a large Stock Pot (30 quart or more), outdoor cooktop burner, something large to stir with, traditionally an oar, and a table to pour out the pot onto. For the Boil table, use a plastic table cloth lined with butcher paper, left over packing paper or any clean paper you can find because you will drain your boil pot and pour out onto the table. The paper will soak up the remainder of the liquid.

  3. Festive Decor - Everything Red, white and burlap. Use red or white table clothes or red and white check. Use a simple paper runner or burlap runner for guest tables, set out crayons so your guests can draw or play tic tac toe (old school). Use simple flower centerpieces with seasonal flowers, I love white daisies or sunflowers for this party. Use Dollar Tree decor, banners on the fence that you can customize. String miniature red solo cups on a mini lights for fun lighting. Use red and white paper products.

  4. Cooling Station - The food is SPICY you will need a beverage station with plenty of cold beverages. Think beer, seltzers, soda, iced tea, lemonade and flavored water. IMPORTANT TIP: Set up an Outdoor Handwashing Station. This was the best addition to our set up. When you Pinch Peel Eat and Repeat, your hands will need a wash before you get your next beverage. I set up a cart with a Beverage Dispenser filled with water and lemon that has a pour spout. Set up hand soap with some essential oils added to cut through the shell fish, I used rosemary, and a roll of paper towels. This will complete your cooling station.

  5. Music and Lawn Games - You will need to set your atmosphere with music. Anything from the Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffett to Bruno Mars. Add in some Western Swing to keep it Cajun. You decide what you and your guests will like best, don't be surprised if your guests start dancing around your backyard. Lawn games set off to the side, we like Corn Hole, Lawn Jenga, Twister, Darts and yes even Beer Pong. The kids do Juice Pong. You could go old school and get the Croquet out.

We are looking forward to this year’s Boil on the 24th. We will share Pics.

Please share your pics if you have your own Boil.

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