Episode 21 Back to School

Back to school has been more challenging this year with most schools across the country back to in-person learning. A majority of the...

Episode 20 Season One Finale

Growing Pains with Sandi and Kristal 20 Episodes done in season 1. Looking ahead to Season 2

Back to School

Back to school ideas, lunches and prayer cards

Episode 16 Self Care

Self Care tips for Parents of teens, so that you can be your best self.

Episode 15 Growing Grit

Growing Pains Podcast with Sandi and Kristal, we need more Grit in this world.

Episode 14 Showing Up

Growing Pains Podcast with Sandi and Kristal Episode 14, join us as we talk about showing up for your kids.

Episode 13 Bee Essential

Bees and Parents, how are they alike? They are BOTH ESSENTIAL. In conversation, the topic of the ocean, coral reefs and then bees came...

Finding a moment of peace

When the kids are home for summer, finding just a moment of peace can be hard. It’s important to intentionally carve out some time to...

Episode 8 parenting with Multiples

Our friend Jodi came to our table and shared stories of how she managed adding multiples to her parenting plate. Kristal with triplets...

Podcast Episode Quick View

You may not always have the time to listen. Every week we will send out a quick view of what you missed. You can always go back and take...